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boredom or just painfully not grateful?

And then. As time goes by you know that the song is awesome. But hey it’s just matter of preference. Some like it hot some like it cold.

So what is the point? The point is to live is to die. For whatever reason it eventually happens. that’s the fact that everybody knows though not everybody realizes. It can be boring stuff that you can’t even see instead of digesting it. Even though in daily reality you put it in your mouth and swallow with a heart full of pain.

You see, it’s like bargaining for a better stuff. trying to get that valuable belongings that you already had. Do you see the beast?

And why bother about the problems when you have the solution on your side? well, i don’t have it. are you positive about that? Which else the blessings that you don’t admit? naaah.. you have practiced that speech? errr.. You don’t like it? i like it. It’s just .. i heard that too many times. kinda boring sometimes.

Boredom is like chained freedom to the wall. There’s no key that anyone could have to share. It’s just there.

How would you feel when you see that much of money? it’s much more than anything you could possibly think of. But with the acute boredom you have in your mind, that amount means nothing than just numbers.

i had that short talk the other day. That amount of cash won’t say anything for the lame life. You and I have the same problem. Lack of cash. But those highly understood awfully rich people which we don’t know how they got it, have more things to come. And what are the things to come?


Indonesia Tanah Air ku

photo by : syafrial
taken in the camp place, boy scouting

cultural carnival

photo by : syafrial


photo by : Syafrial

Javanese Music Instrument

photo by : Syafrial

The bars of the instrument are made of a dense wood, generally teak. It also found in ironwood (kayu besi). The bars mounted in a deep wooden case that serves as a resonator. Instruments typically have 17-21 keys that are easily removed, and are kept in place by having a hole through which a nail is placed. Generally a full gamelan has two sets, one gambang pelog and the other one gambang slendro. *wikipedia

he’s on the roll

photo by : syafrial zulmi

coffee at height

how would you like your coffee done?

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